Mental Health Counseling in Colleges — Growth Area.

                             Student (Stressed)

     This is a good article discussing a 10-point checklist of items new students need to understand, in part, concerning health services provided by their universities. 

     One important observation that I would make is the ever-increasing importance of mental health counseling. 

     Universities are now trying to respond to the growing demand for accepting responsibility of the mental well-being of their students. Many universities have made good progress especially in focusing on issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, sexuality, and relationships.

     The availability of mental health counseling is crucial for all students to know about. These issues are in addition to the host of traditional academic ones that universities have traditionally attempted to address.

     Students really need to acquaint themselves with the mental health services and counseling provided by the university. But they need also to know the broad range of facilities that are made available by local authorities, such as counties, towns and religious organizations. This is in addition to the wealth of services available by private practitioners.