Anxiety & the Millennial Generation.


Good article on the increase of anxiety within the Millennial generation. This involves increased concern over both personal and professional relationships and issues. One remedy is to understand that these concerns have a real basis in the economics of our time. A forthright examination of this issue can be very helpful.

What a Marriage Therapist Really Thinks — Six Thoughts.

 Therapist (women on couch)

Good article about the thinking of a marriage therapist who has practiced over 40 years. Some observations by him:

  • He emphasizes what each person contributes to the marriage;
  • Takes time to determine if a marriage will last;
  • Big mistake to gang up on someone;
  • I do give “homework” especially to increase intimacy;
  • I can tell if therapy is working if they are making progress in their relationship. Then I ask them.
  • Two or three chronic problems don’t ever go away.  Learn to live with them.

Sounds like good conclusions after forty years.Seems very basic. But they are also true.


… “What a Marriage Therapist Really Thinks? Wall Street Journal (April 5, 2016).

Campus Sex — Before and After.

Couple (Sexy)


     With heightened awareness and sexual assaults, colleges nationwide are grappling with how to teach students about what exactly consent means — before they engage in sexual relations. This is a growing issue among college students. Universities need to do more generally and certainly after complaints are lodged.

      There is an open question as to whether universities should return some authority to local jurisdictions in investigating complaints against students and faculty. My general sense is that this would probably be a good course of action.

      ……. “Campus Sex, With a Syllabus.” New York Times (January 10, 2016).

“Emotional Support Animals” & College Dorms — Good Trend?

     Dogs and College
Anxiety and depression among college students have become a growing problem. Students often come with these diagnoses.‘Emotional support animals’ are viewed by many as being important in assisting students with these issues as well as various disabilities.
    There is significant support for recognizing the therapeutic value of animals. The Fair Housing Act protects students with disabilities. The issue of requiring universities to allow such animals in student housing is somewhat of an open question. But universities do recognize the importance of such animals especially during exam times.
     Universities need to examine more the issue of dogs and cats in university housing as a means of addressing the mental health issues of their students.


Dogs, Stress and College Life,” (Oct. 5, 2015)

Couple (Library)

    Resident advisers in universities are part of the front line addressing the issue of sex on campus.

    But other services are certainly needed especially for students not living on campus and for faculty. These include the use by the entire university community of on-campus counseling as well as use of off-campus services in the community. 

     These services are generally very extensive with a good track record. It’s good that this general issue of campus sex is now being openly debated and universities are becoming more aggressive about recognizing and addressing it.

     Coordinating with those professionals in private practice and other state and county agencies is a good idea. Leveraging all resources make good economic and social sense for a complicated and serious problem.

On the Campus Front Line.” “New York Times (Sept. 27, 2015).

Mental Health Services & Universities ….. Great Demand …. Need More Support.


     Mental health services offered by universities are experiencing a growing demand. This demand  involves both college-related issues but also the whole spectrum of mental health issues. Both men and women are demanding more services. There is some evidence that men are a bit hesitant requesting those services. But that is changing.

     Services are being requested at all levels from the new student to the military veteran and at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. More support is needed at most universities especially the public universities.


College Mental Health Services are in Demand.” Wall Street Journal (Sept. 22, 2015)

How An Affair is Discovered Predicts If Couples Reconcile …. The Probabilities Differ.


A recent article (based upon earlier studies) describes what the probability is for reconciling a couple’s relationship after an affair. It determines the probabilities differ according to how the affair is discovered. This is very interesting. Is it revealed by a third party? By an admission? By catching them actually together? Not surprising the lowest probability is if the affair is discovered by them actually being together.

 The Post-Affair Conversation.” Wall Street Journal (Sept. 9, 2015)