Unemployment & Addiction — More Mental Health Counseling Needed.


     It is becoming clearer that changes in the economy have dramatically added to the withdrawal of some men and women from the labor force. These changes have contributed to more painkiller dependency, divorce, and great deal more of anger. The following are two quotes from a recent lead editorial in the New York Times (Oct. 17, 2016).

  • The connection between chronic joblessness and painkiller dependency is hard to quantify …. Some experts suspect that frequent use of painkillers is a result of being out of work, because people who have no job prospects are more likely to be depressed, become addicted to drugs and alcohol and have other mental health problems.
  • While it’s hard to generalize across a large group of people, it’s clear that job market changes can have significant health effects on the labor force. … [S]oaring levels of prescription opioid addiction in the general population … [add to these effects].

     My observation is that as joblessness increases so does the need for mental health counseling. This is critically necessary in order to avoid other health problems such as addition and depression.


The Men Missing from the Job Market.” New York Times (Editorial) (10.17.16)