Good article in the Washington Post on mental health illness, the virus, and lack of preparation. But mostly, it highlights the very great increase of mental health issues. It describes some of the basic issues. Below are various observations made in this article. Really outstanding ……………

And yet, out of the trillions of dollars Congress passed in emergency virus funding only a tiny portion is allocated for mental health.

Just as the country took drastic steps to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed by infections, it needs to brace for the coming wave of behavioral health needs.

When diseases strike, experts say, they cast a shadow pandemic of psychological and societal injuries. The shadow often trails the disease by weeks, months, even years.

This approaching wave of mental injuries will be met in coming months by a severely broken system.

Parity and access problems may only worsen with the pandemic, which has upended the functions of hospitals, insurance companies and mental health centers.

A Congressional letter asked the government to lift reimbursement restrictions that have prevented therapists from using phone calls to treat patients. The Trump administration indicated it would do so.

While Congress recently authorized emergency funds for hospitals and medical providers, very little will go to mental health and addiction service providers

This virus is messing with everyone. The anxiety, isolation, uncertainty.. Everyone’s struggling with it in one way or another.