Therapy and Pandemic — Seven Observations.

Therapist (women on couch)

Some good observations from a recent piece discussing therapy and the pandemic.  This is a starting point for many who are dealing with this difficult time.

• It is completely normal that Americans are feeling stressed, anxious, sad and irritable. But for people in an unprecedented situation dealing with unfamiliar emotions, it can be difficult.

• You should consider professional help if you are: feeling anxious, tense or angry all the time.

• Therapy offers a chance to speak confidentially to a professional about what you are dealing with.

• Psychiatric medications can be helpful with or without therapy. “There are both short-term and longer-term pharmacological solutions.

• When looking for a therapist who could be a good fit for you or your family member, consider asking your primary-care physician. Searching the Internet for therapists and reading their websites can be quite helpful.

• Most therapists have transitioned to teletherapy because of the coronavirus lockdown.

• Recent research has found that video-enabled teletherapy is effective and the therapeutic relationship and satisfaction with therapy do not suffer.

“Feeling Irritable in Pandemic?” Washington Post (May 26, 2020).