Pandemic and Relationships — Making us Stronger? …. Yes.

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A good and interesting article recently appeared discussing the positive impact the pandemic has had on relationships. Here are the major points;

  • During the pandemic, it felt like everything changed for the worse. But one thing got better: our relationships.
  • Those who already had strong relationships with responsive partners felt more
  • The tremendous effort it took for couples to manage over this past year fortified their bonds.
  • Confronting difficulties together can be frustrating for a couple, but the experience can improve their feelings of passion, closeness and commitment. In the pandemic, as couples rose to meet each new challenge.
  • For those still looking for a partner, the pandemic experience will change their priorities.
  • Rather than approaching dating as a game fun and casual connections, people are going to want a stable, committed and dependable partner, with whom they want to develop a relationship. Going forward, the search for a partner will emphasize quality over quantity, the substantial over the superficial.

To me, certainly the pandemic was very challenging but this new research indicates that it has also made many of our relationships stronger. That’s good.

“The Pandemic Made our Relationships Stronger,” Wall Street Journal (June 26, 2021).