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There is a good article in the recent issue of PSYCHOLOGY TODAY. It discusses why people forgive their cheating partners. The following are some excerpts from that article.

  • Infidelity is a relatively common occurrence, estimated to occur in 20–25 percent of marriages and close to 75 percent of dating. In the aftermath, the partner who was cheated on can experience a variety of unfortunate symptoms, including posttraumatic stress symptoms, depression, and anxiety.
  • This is particularly true when attributing responsibility to the partner who was unfaithful.
  • The following are some reasons why infidelity is forgiven. If she/he shows me that she/he has truly regretted it.
  • If infidelity was casual and not recurring.
  • If she/he gives me a sound excuse.
  • If she/he swears that she/he will not do it again.
  • If she/he shows me that he really wants to be with me.
  • If I love her/him.
  • If it was the first time she/he did it.
  • If she/he confess it on her/his own.
  • If she/he did it only once.
  • If she/he persuades me that she/he truly loves me.
  • If it was a frivolous act.
  • If she/he was drunk when she/he did.
  • If we have been many years together.
  • If I believe that I led her/him with my actions to be unfaithful.
  • If we have a good time together.
  • If she/he did at the beginning of our relationship.

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