Mindfulness and Couples Happiness — Simple Techniques for a Better Relationship.

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A short but really good article on “mindfulness” recently appeared this week. It discusses several simple techniques that can keep a couple connected and involved with each other. Here are a few excerpts:


  • Mindfulness has been shown to help with work, stress, anxiety and depression. It also can benefit your marriage. Being present and intentional is vital to the appreciation, satisfaction and longevity of your relationship.


  • Mindfulness interventions increase self-compassion, well-being and quality of life. Mindfulness can relieve psychopathological symptoms such as anxiety and depression and psychobiological stress.


  • Relationship quality, such as in intimacy, can be enhanced by mindfulness training.


  • Through mindfulness we can minimize distractions, discern what is going on in our bodies and emotions, and begin to be more present in our relationships. As this occurs, forgiveness and gratitude can increase.


  • Here are three ways to increase mindfulness in your relationship that have benefited my clients.


  1. Hold hands for one minute
  2. Try a new hobby together for the first time
  3. Sexual mindfulness


  • Many of us want our relationships to be healthy and long-lasting. Mindfulness helps us to continue to see our partner with a sense of curiosity, gratitude, acceptance and satisfaction, which can help the relationship be rich and fulfilling for a long time.

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