Couples & the Pandemic — Many Thriving, Three Suggestions.

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     Many relationships have thrived during the pandemic, surprisingly.

     According to recent research 74% of married couples surveyed felt the pandemic strengthened their marriages, and 82% said it made them feel more committed.  Here are three recommendations from this recent research as discussed in the recent article “How Some Relationships Flourish in a Tough time.” (January 4, 2022):


  • Give Space — Perhaps unsurprisingly after nearly two years of being cooped up together, time apart is crucial to relationship health.


  • Assume Positive Intent — Often we’re quick to assume the worst about a situation or a person’s intentions, a tendency that has worsened as pandemic stress wears us down. Assuming a positive attitude can be very beneficial.


  • Make Time to Be Positive — Block out a specific time of day to be positive together, then stick with it no matter what.

     My initial observation is that the three above items do contribute to a better relationship between couples. Both emotionally and physically. Of course, other factors are also very relevant. But these three suggestions are a start.