Little Spousal Lies or Better Communications?

Little Lies
Little Lies Spouses Tell” is an interesting article the appeared recently. Its theme is that a little “buffering” may make a marriage happier. But you have to be careful. Trust is the cornerstone of a good marriage. It’s not what you say but how you say it that is very important.


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Does ADHD in Children Lead to Adult Mental Health Problems?

A new study finds that ADHD often follows children into adulthood with other mental health disorders. This new study is worth a second look.  To me an early accurate diagnosis is extremely important.  ADHD is sometimes a catchall diagnosis for children when they are inattentive, impulsive or acting out.  The causes could be attributed to other issues such as anxiety, depression or family stressors.  A dual diagnosis, such as ADHD and anxiety can also exist.  An early and complete diagnosis and a treatment plan is necessary. It may eliminate complications or a continuation of symptoms into adulthood.

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