Signs Before an Affair — Best Defense ………..


Here’s a new study that lists six critical factors that makes an affair more likely. Most significant — opportunity & dissatisfaction. Best defense — Open communication with your spouse.


The Signs Before an Affair.” Wall Street Journal (Jan. 27, 2015).

What Do Google Analytics (Searches) Say About Sex & Our Relationships?

 Couples 1 (Love)
   Extensive analysis of Google analytics concludes “….. hidden insecurities. Men and women are united in this insecurity and confusion.” One additional conclusion, “Many of our deepest fears about how our sexual partners perceive us are unjustified. ” Seems to argue for better communication. After so much data not very profound conclusions. But still very interesting data.


What Do Google Analytics (Searches) Say About Sex & Our Relationships?” New York Times (Jan. 25, 2015).

Two Golden Principles of Good Communications …… Interested in People & Their Concerns.

   Couple (MSN 2013)
  Two principles to follow in the workplace and in all personal communications. One, be interested in other people. Listen, don’t only tell them about yourself. Two, talk in terms of other person’s interest. Being self-centered, a poor listener and communicator are not good in business, inter-personal relations, or in couples communication. This should be obvious but unfortunately it isn’t.
Golden’ Principles to Follow.” Washington Post (Jan. 19, 2015).

‘Friendship’ and Happy Couples.

     A new study concludes that the disadvantages of remaining single have broad implications. It also concludes that ‘friendship’ within marriages is a key determinant if a couple is happy. It further concludes that being happy allows couples to successfully meet the stresses of life. Very interesting study. However, I wonder how accurate this is when talking about the role of friendship within marriage in countries other than the United States. Nevertheless, this is an interesting study and adds to the discussion about marriages and communications by couples. To me ‘friendship’ between a couple is certainly something to strive for .


Study Finds More Reasons to Get and Stay Married.” New York Times (January 8th, 2015).

Does Your Therapist Really Listen to You? — This is Essential.

Doctor Listen (1.5.15)

     One of the most important aspects in health care is for the doctor or therapist  to carefully listen to the patient or client. This is essential in providing proper diagnosis and treatment. This is true across the board in the health professions.  Good news that some professional programs now emphasize this training.

Doctors and Listening.” New York Times (Jan. 5, 2015).

Good Relationship with Therapist Essential to Good & Effective Therapy.

Couple (MSN 2013)
    One of the most important aspects of ensuring good therapy is establishing a good relationship with your therapist. This article describes how really important that is.


Me  and My Therapist..” New York Times (January 4, 2015).