Childless Couples and the ‘Me-Ethos’ …… Will this Change?

Couples and No Kids

     This article attributes the global flight from having kids to a “me-ethos” and “rational choice.” It argues that this is happening in almost all regions of the world. My response to this is while that may be true, in part, this trend may not hold up. in the short-term globalization and technology makes a younger couple seemingly have more options but they will probably settle down. Most people do. My expectation is that they will grow into more responsible and confident individuals and families. The poor economy worldwide over the last ten years has not been helpful. But that is changing. Will see …………..


The Global Fight From the Family.” Wall Street Journal (2.21.15)

Couples and Money — Secretcy, No; Collaboration, Yes.

Couples and Money 2
  Money and couples is a topic often reflect significant stress. This article argues that rather secretiveness a collaborative model should be adopted by a couple. I agree. But often this is easier said then done. Clearly a couple should have open communications concerning all issues concerning money. Couples counseling can help with a marriage therapist and a financial counselor.
“The Extramarital Bank Account.” Washington Post (Feb. 15, 2015).

Advice to those Giving Advice about Marital Problems — Just Listen, Don’t Give Advice.

    Couples (Bad in Bed)
      Best advice to give someone giving advice to a couple or an individual having relationship problems is really not to give any advice. Just listen. Be a sympathetic listener. Don’t make it about you or your experience. Exercise your listening skills and short responses.


Your Advice & Relationship Crisis to a Friend.” Wall Street Journal (Feb. 10, 2015).