Emerging Teletherapy — Good for the Client and the Therapist.


Good piece on the emerging field of teletherapy. Here’s three statements from it:

  • In addition to being driven by the pandemic and the availability of technology, the proliferation of teletherapy in recent months has been aided by policy changes that have increased accessibility to services in many areas of the country. One of the modifications to existing regulations is the expansion of insurance to better cover more methods of teletherapy, including phone sessions. 
  • Conducting teletherapy sessions from home can benefit providers as well as patients. One therapist says, “There were things that I learned about people that I had not known until I saw them in their home. It was amazing what insight I was able to gather just by looking inside their home as a session was conducted.”
  • The convenience of being able to hop on a video call with a therapist from home is one of the main reasons many are planning to continue with teletherapy, even if there is an option to be seen in person.

    Here’s the link to the full article. I highly recommend it. “Emerging Teletherapy.” Washington Post  (Nov. 19, 2020).