Mental Health Reform in Virginia — It’s a Start.

Mental Health

     The governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe signed new legislation reforming Virginia’s mental health system. This is a good beginning in providing mental health care to all Virginians.

….. “A First Step to Mental Health Reform.” Washington Post (April 29, 2014).

Personality and Relationships — Personaility Improves Over Time.

Personality Improves Over Time. You can speed this up and its good for you, good for personal communications, and enhances your relationships. Interesting article in today’s Wall Street Journal.


….. “We Actually Get Nicer with Age.” Wall Street Journal (April 22, 2014).

Demonstrating Appreciation — Many Benefits in Your Relationship.

Relationship (WSJ 4.8.14)

     Demonstrating appreciation for your partner every day makes you and your partner feel better. It has many benefits through good times and hard times. This is a simple observation but often not practiced by many. Too bad.



…..  “To Do: Celebrate Your Relationship Every Day.” Wall Street Journal (April 8, 2014).


What Divorcing Couples Should Know About Dividing Assets — Be Careful About Post-Agreement Implementation, Very Important.

     This is a good article in the Wall Street Journal  about what divorcing couples should know about dividing assets. It makes a great point, often overlooked, about making sure that the terms agreed upon are carefully implemented with the many required  follow-through actions by portfolio managers, pension people, etc.


…… “What Divorcing Couples Too Often Overlook.” Wall Street Journal (April 7, 2014).