Women’s Sexuality — FDA’s Clinical Trials & Drug Approval.

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There are plenty of clinical trials for drugs that could treat low sexual desire in women but the FDA doesn’t approve them. It’s about time that the FDA changes it guidelines for the trials and drug approval.  It mystifying why drug companies only focus on men, says the author in this recent piece.

Women’s Sexuality.” Washington Post (10.28.14).

Marriage Rituals and Better Communicaiton …. Morning Coffee.

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     Good discussion of this one couple’s marriage over the years. Morning coffee together is a ritual that greatly helps. Provides time for better communications. The couple concludes “[Marriage] is a shield against everything that’s out there. It’s safety and security and a refuge from the noise and the confusion.”


….. “Life’s a Ferris Wheel.” New York Times (10.19.14)

Empty Nesters & Couples Communication.

Couples in Business

Good article on “empty nesters.” The author argues that couples who are empty nesters fall into two groups. The first are  the “mourners” who seek ways to stay connected with their adult children. The second are “rejoicers” who try to make up for ‘lost years.’ To me there is no right or wrong. Communication between the couple is most important in order to navigate this new situation. But keep in mind the empty nest doesn’t always stay that way.


The Empty-Nest Book.” New York Times (Oct. 12, 2014).