Annoying ‘Little Things’ — Discuss Them Sooner Than Later.

Couples (Flaws)(WSJ 7.30.14)

What do you do when something your partner does that used to be funny now drives you crazy? This article discusses how partners grow apart and often change their perception of each other, especially their ‘little things.’ The solution — Discuss these perceptions and communicate how you feel about them. Sooner the better. With good will you can overcome the friction. Sounds like sound advice.


Couples, Beware: Adorable Traits Become Unbearable Flaws.” Wall Street Journal (July 30, 2014).

Equality within Marriages but Inequality Among Couples — Tough Economic Times and the New Instability.


This is a good article discussing the evolving relationship of couples in today’s socioeconomic times. The author argues there is a dual characteristic. On the one hand, there is growing equality within marriages. Yet, there is a growing inequality among families. This is creating on balance a new instability. Unfortunately, this seems accurate given the last seven or eight years of economic stagnation for most but soaring wealth for a few. “The New Instability.” Sunday New York Times (July 27, 2014).

Five Rules for a Happy Marriage …. You’re a Team !

Happy Marriage (Parade 7.26.14)

Good article on maintaining a good marriage. Five rules. But the most important one is that you are a TEAM. A partnership as you go through life. Good advice. “Happily Ever After.” Parade (July 26, 2014).


Paranoia at Work …. Build Relationships …. Most Important


Good article on the workplace. The conclusion is that hard work is important but relationships in the workplace are most beneficial. But you need a balance in the workplace — a good degree of suspicion and vigilance. “Paranoia at the Work is Out to Get You.” Financial Times ((July 18, 2014).

Don’t Apologize So Fast — Take a Timeout & Then Talk.

Couples in Business

     Good article offering five steps to take after an argument with your partner. The best advice: Take a timeout and then discuss the underlying issues honestly.
Don’t Apologize So Fast.” Wall Street Journal (July 15, 2014)


Mental Illness is Our Most Urgent Problem — Anxiety & Depression — Action Needed.

Mental Health
    A great commentary by Martin Wolfe of the Financial Times arguing that mental health is our most urgent health problem. He states “Depression and anxiety cause more misery than physical illness ….” We need to take needed action, says Martin Wolfe. Yes, this is long overdue. Mental Illness.” Financial Times (July 17, 2014).