Two Difficult Conversations: Constant Use of Mobile Devices; Having Better Sex.

Counseling and Husbands (WSJ 8.12.14)

    This article discusses two difficult conversations: constant use of mobile devices; having better sex. Conclusion — don’t blame your partner, just describe the problem. This is good advice on how to start the conversation. Also picking a good time is very helpful. Couples counseling can be very helpful in these situations.

The Year in Relationship Troubles, and How Talk Can Help.” Wall Street Journal (December 30, 2014).

Google Search Findings & Holidays — Depression, Families and Diet ….. Some Surprises.

Xmas Party


    Good article discussing Google analytics, search terms and couples during holidays. Major findings: searches for “depression,” “divorce,”  and “diet” are lowest on Xmas and the days afterwards. “Hate family” is highest during Xmas. Sounds about right. Especially the diet part.


“What We’re Searching For.” New York Times (12.21.14).


Strategies for the Holidays — “Cognitive Reframe.”

Xmas Party

     Getting through the holidays is tough for many people. This article suggests that “cognitive reframe” is a strategy to get through the holidays. At its essence it is doing things that  remind yourself of times you projected a happy image. Seems common sense to me. But it’s very effective.
Strategies for the Holidays — To Get Through Them.” Wall Street Journal (December 16, 2014).

Happy Marriage (Parade 7.26.14)

     Economic inequality seems to relate to marriage inequality as to why richer couples marry more than less economically secure ones. Young couples that can pool two incomes and provide a solid financial foundation for marriage tend to marry at a greater rate. Data seems to establish this. But it isn’t always necessarily the case. Many other societal reasons come into play.
The Real Reason Richer People Marry.” New York Times (December 7, 2014).

Couples & Tweeting ….. Can Too Much Tweeting Cause a Couple Disconnect?

Couple (Angry)

     This article argues that relationships are under attack from technology. For example, unequal use of technology at home can lead to unhappy consequences. Engaging in too much technology (tweeting, among others) while in presence of a spouse encourages disconnection. This sounds about right. Most important, you want to limit separate use of technology while at home during quiet time and evening hours, so says this article.
Tweeting Together, Staying Together.” New York Times (12.4.14).

Holidays and Family Feuding — Expect Unfortunate Responses and Plan …………….

  Family Holiday  
     The holiday season often brings feuding during family gatherings. This article gives you strategies in avoiding family confrontations. Very worthwhile. Especially the suggestion on communicating and expecting unfortunate responses.


A Nuclear Family Meltdown.” Wall Street Journal (December 2, 2014)

Is the Divorce Surge Really Over?

Couple (Angry)
     Good article about the ending of the divorce surge. However, if you read it carefully you are not convinced. Still over 50% all new marriages end in divorce. To me this indicates the couples counseling is more important now than ever before.


The Divorce Surge is Over — But the Myth Lives On.” New York Times (December 2, 2014).